Our fees include school books, technology and maintenance. Early payment discounts are available; semi-annual and monthly payment plans are available for a small service charge.


In order to determine if a family qualifies for financial assistance/scholarships, these are the required documents needed.

  • Submit a low income form.

  • Apply to Grace Christian during the priority deadline.

  • Apply to merit-based scholarships if no financial aid assistance is given.

Grade                            Tuition                                Fees                     Total Tuition & Fees                             Registration Fee

Grades K-5                  $500.00                           $450.00                          $5,550.00                                           $100.00



Grades 6-8                   $550.00                           $450.00                           $6,050.00                                         $100.00



Grades 9-12                $550.00                           $450.00                           $6,050.00                                         $100.00



Afterschool               $40.00 / week

Our Commitment

At Grace Christian we value each member of our community and the unique contribution each student makes to our collective excellence. We are one of the few non-traditional schools in our region, and we believe racial, cultural and economic diversity enriches our school.