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1.Start Online Submission

Applying is easy with our online registration. We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides a tool for parents to track online status of their admission after their application has been submitted.

3.Review The Submission

Once all necessary documents have been submitted, a non-refundable fee of $150.00 must be submitted with each application.

2.Gather Necessary Documents

All forms needed, such as test scores, immunizations, etc. can be found on our admissions page. Make sure to submit a copy of the applicants birth certificate. If applicable, also submit any special educational or psychological evaluations completed within the last three years.

4.Assessment & Interview Process

Interviews & Assessments can be scheduled by calling the front office at (912)239-4876. 

5.Experience GCA

Parents and students will have the opportunity to tour the school, observe briefly the classrooms and ask questions about GCA programs and procedures.


In order to determine if a family qualifies for financial assistance/scholarships, these are the required documents needed.

  • Submit a low income form.

  • Apply to Grace Christian during the priority deadline.

  • Apply to merit-based scholarships if no financial aid assistance is given.


Grade                            Tuition                                           Fees                     Total Tuition & Fees            Registration Fee (Apr 2nd -Dec)

Grades K-5                  $500.00/month                           $450.00                          $5,550.00                                           $150.00



Grades 6-8                   $550.00/month                           $450.00                           $6,050.00                                         $150.00



Grades 9-12                $550.00/month                           $450.00                           $6,050.00                                           $150.00



Afterschool               $160.00 / month                                                                                        

Before Care              $160.00/ month                         

Before & After Care  $320.00/ month                                                                              Early Registration (Jan 1st-Apr 1st) $100.00

Our Commitment

At Grace Christian we value each member of our community and the unique contribution each student makes to our collective excellence. We are one of the few non-traditional schools in our region, and we believe racial, cultural and economic diversity enriches our school. 

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