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Welcome to Grace Christian Academy!


GCA  was founded in 2014 for the express purpose of providing families the opportunity to get involved and be engaged with their student(s) education. We are a Christian based non-traditional educational school. We value you and your family and hope that you will find Grace Christian to be a wonderful place where your child continues to grow spiritually and academically.

Please use the following checklist for admissions:

  1. Fill out the Application Information form through FACTS and return Grace Christian Academy with a $100.00 registration fee before April 1st to avoid late enrollment fees. Applicant Admission Form. (The application process starts after students have filled out our inquiry form, which can be found at the bottom of our page).

  2. Complete the Parent Questionnaire. 

  3. Arrange testing and/or send in current testing. If a student has another testing such as behavioral or physiological, those documents should also be submitted. Contact the admissions office if testing is more than 3 years old or if the student has never been tested.

  4. Deliver the Transcript Release Request and Teacher Recommendation Forms to appropriate personnel at students' current school.

  5. Contact the Admissions Office to schedule an interview.

Additional Information:


  • Registration Fee

  • Immunization

  • Birth Certificate

  • Transcript / Report Card

  • Completed Application

  • Department of Education (Registration)

  • Parental Form Agreement

  • Book Fees

  • Financial Agreement Form


Admission testing is required for all candidates applying to kindergarten through grade 5. 

 For detailed information call the front office at (912)239-4876.


Parents and students choose Grace Christian Academy  for their children because of our academic programs, and home school environment. We provide access for all students to a variety of extracurricular activities, and the individualized focus on fostering the potential of each student. What they find when they arrive, is a second family, a caring environment and a group of people whose mission is their child’s personal success. Grace Christian's community is small, yet it is very diverse and unique with a  focus on individuals discovering their strengths. 

Here at Grace Christian we make it our goal to not only further your child's educational growth but also their spiritual growth. That is why all of our curriculum is christian based to promote sound education. By the time they reach middle school  our students have learned to advocate for themselves, set goals and seek  answers to the questions they discover along the way, while learning what it means to grow in their relationship with God.

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