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Please find below some of the most commonly asked questions about GCA. If you have a question that is not answered, feel free to call us at (912) 239-4876 or email us at

Where are you located?

309 B Tibet Ave. Savannah, GA 31406

What are your school hours?

Monday-Friday 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM 

What is a non-traditional school?

A non-traditional school provides a learning experience completely different from those provided by traditional classroom settings. The difference between our school and others is that we offer smaller class sizes, parent interaction, and homeschool hybrid learning (only coming into class for certain subjects) .

Are you an accredited school ?

Yes, we are a fully accredited school by the GAC

Do you have certified teachers?

According to the GAC accreditation standards, all teachers must have a Bachelors degree at minimum with additional educational courses.

What are your tuition rates?

Please visit our tuition & fees page for details. 

What is GCA statement of faith?

Our statement of faith is viewable on the  ABOUT US  page

How big is your classroom size?

Grades K-5 hold an average of 10 students, but some classes are smaller. Our maximum classroom size hold 15 students.

What is your homework policy?

Homework distribution is determined by classroom but we do encourage homework every day of the week except for Fridays (for students 2nd-8th).

Do students wear uniform?

Yes, all of our students are required to wear uniform except on dress down days. Embroidered shirts and plaid skirts can be purchased at A-1 uniform or at our school store.



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