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Grace Christian Academy  is accredited fully by the Georgia Accrediting Commission  

established in 1903. The Georgia Accrediting Commission has provided and continues to provide leadership for education in Georgia. The accrediting process stimulates local schools and school districts to provide better and safer physical facilities and to improve the qualifications of staff members, teaching conditions, and curriculum. It also provides a valid means of judging the quality of schools. As a result, the academic credits of students who transfer between accredited schools can be accepted without special examination. Accreditation by the Georgia Accrediting Commission has always been a way of recognizing schools with good educational programs. Its standards continue to serve as guides for those who want to develop good programs."

Why Accreditation?

 There are many benefits in receiving an accredited high school diploma:  

1. An accredited high school diploma allows the student to receive recognition as a valid home school program. 


2. An accredited high school program allows immediate access to Georgia colleges & universities without the home school pro-folio review.


 3. Students are eligible for the HOPE scholarship program  without some of the restrictions and extra documentation required of non-accredited students


4. Automatic acceptance by other GAC schools (public & private schools). 

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