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“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” -Psalms 127:3

In Kindergarten, we place great emphasis on providing a secure and enriching environment for learning. Our curriculum, rooted in Christian values, is designed to cater to the holistic development of each student, ensuring a well-rounded education that prepares our students for a bright and successful future.We believe the non-traditional system of education builds strong Christian character, which is the beginning of developing the whole person; mind, spirit and body.


Kindergarteners start out using the Abeka curriculum which provides a comprehensive approach to teaching phonics. The curriculum is designed to break down the sounds and blends, making it easy for our students to learn how to pronounce words accurately. Furthermore, the curriculum is paired with reading books which helps to reinforce phonetic concepts and promote reading comprehension. We believe this approach provides our students with the necessary foundation to become successful readers and learners.


The Positive Action Bible curriculum helps students learn about the God of the Word, not just about the Word of God. Teaching children to seek the majesty and grace of God in everything, this curriculum aims to magnify His majesty, works, and nature, and help students look for how God reveals himself through a message that shines through context, culture, and language.



At Grace Christian Academy, we believe in a non-traditional approach to learning that allows students to thrive in a small classroom environment. With a maximum capacity of just 10 students per classroom, we  ensure that each student receives personalized attention and remains focused throughout the day. Our smaller class sizes also enable teachers and parents to work closely together, enhancing the overall educational experience for their student.

We use a range of curriculums for our kindergarten students, including Abeka, Horizon Math, and Bob Jones Curriculum. Listed below are the core classes for our kindergarten program:

  • Bible

  • Math

  • Reading

  • Phonics

  • Writing

  • History

  • Science

  • Language Arts

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