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Welcome to Grace Christian Primary School! Our academic program, through the non-traditional approach, seeks to provide student with the best possible program of studies. Non-traditional approach is where both teacher and parent work together in order to enhance the students overall educational experience. We believe the non-traditional system of education builds strong Christian character, which is the beginning of developing the whole person; mind, spirit and body.

Teachers encourage, support and monitor the progress of each child, and maintain high expectations for academic and personal growth. Teachers come to know students as individuals with many talents and abilities, while also speaking honestly about areas of challenge. Grace Christian provides an educational home for young people to thrive, and opportunities for student success abound!


Self Development

We believe that in this stage of development it is a vital time for students to learn responsibility, friendship and building Godly character. Our Primary School  program helps students look regularly and carefully at how well they embrace and exhibit our school’s core values of  integrity, community, respect, and compassion. GCA offers an environment where students feel a sense of belonging, and are supported to push outside their comfort zone by trying new things.


Different from any Primary School around, our students engage in unique learning opportunities that are challenging, individualized, engaging, and student-directed. Our main curriculum for grades 1-5  are the Abeka Curriculum, and Horizon Math. Core subjects taught include: 

  • Math

  • Science

  • Health

  • History

  • Drama/ Music

  • Language Arts

  • Reading/ Writing/ Penmanship

  • Physical Education/Wellness



Our art program is designed to encourage and inspire our students to unleash their creative potential. With a variety of amazing new art styles and techniques introduced at each grade level, your child is sure to find something they love and excel at.


Music classes are available to all students from kindergarten to fifth grade and are integrated into their daily schedule.We focus on introducing students to the concepts of rhythm, tone, melody, and various musical instruments. Through engaging and interactive activities, we create an environment where students can actively participate in the learning process and develop a love for music.


At GCA, we take pride in offering our students in grades 3-5 an exciting opportunity to join our soccer club. This club is designed to help students learn important values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication while fostering athletic excellence. Our experienced coaches are passionate about soccer and are dedicated to providing a fun and challenging environment for our young athletes to grow and develop their skills.

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