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The crucial aspect of every child's growth is to maintain a firm foundation academically and spiritually. We believe that the education of all students requires a collaboration between teacher, student, and parents grounded in mutual respect and trust. Our main approach is to be able to teach any student to work on critical thinking, problem solving, writing, arithmetic, and social skills. Focusing on the fundamentals will allow students to continue their education successfully.


One of the primary reasons for GCA's existence is to serve as a spiritual ministry based on Biblical principles and academic excellence. We are here to assist parents in building key fundamental foundations in each student.  

Each student will be taught the following: 

G – To know God

R – To understand their Righteousness in Christ

A – To walk in their Authority in Christ

C – To build Godly Character

E – To have a spirit of Excellence


Our curriculum focuses on the scope and sequence method. The scope focuses on the breadth and depth of content to be covered in a curriculum at any one time (e.g. week, term, etc.) The sequence is the order in which content is presented to learner’s over time, and the order in which you do it. Therefore, a scope and sequence of learning brings order to the delivery of content, supporting the maximizing of student learning and offering sustained opportunities for learning.

Our academic program, through the non-traditional approach, seeks to provide students with the best possible program of studies. The "Non-traditional Approach" is when both teacher and parent work together in order to enhance the students' overall educational experience. We believe the non-traditional system of education builds a strong Christian character, which is the beginning of developing the whole person; mind, spirit, soul, and body.



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