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Welcome to Grace Christian Upper School! Each student’s personal success is ensured through a stimulating and personalized college-preparatory curriculum focusing on the growth of the mind as a whole. Our academic program, through the non-traditional approach, seeks to provide student with the best possible program of studies. Non-traditional approach is where both teacher and parent work together in order to enhance the students overall educational experience. We believe the non-traditional system of education builds strong Christian character, which is the beginning of developing the whole person; mind, spirit and body.

Academic Growth

  • Helping students develop an awareness of how they best learn, what their abilities, strengths and challenges are, and encouraging students to use this awareness and knowledge for academic success 

  • Nourishing in our students an enthusiasm for learning, and encouraging students to use higher level thinking to solve a problem, even though doing so may mean refusing to settle for the easy answer

  • Developing in students the following abilities: to read, write, and think critically; to analyze diverse sources and types of information and to judge the validity of those sources 

  • Encouraging and instructing students to use creativity and flexibility to learn from mistakes and failures

  • Giving students the opportunity to collaborate with others

  • Instilling the belief that fine arts and cultural study is an integral part of a complete life

  • Encouraging students to integrate all their knowledge, whether gained in or out of a classroom

Grace Christian Academy is a non-traditional school where students are prepared in becoming their best. 

The following High School courses are required according to the State of Georgia in order to graduate from our program. Graduation requirements for NTEC school:

Subject                      Credits Required


English                                 4


Science                                 4


Foreign Language              2


Electives                              3


Math                                     4


Social Studies                     4


PE/ Health                          1

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