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Beginning in Lower School - Upper School , students may participate in dance classes; in Middle and Upper Schools, in chess club, construction class, dance,drama/theater classes. Any student may become a member of  any activity if he or she is willing to make the necessary time commitment. 

"Reading with Rosco!"

 Grace Christian will partner with Faith Equestrian to provide an equestrian base learning objective to students who are struggling to read. Our goal is to motivate students in the reading process by using a live animal.

  • Get kids excited about reading!

  • Increase Literacy in 1st grade classrooms

  • Provide a literacy resource for 1st grade teachers

  • Create a positive association between stories of animals and reading

  • Provide a safe educational and interactive opportunity with an animal in a classroom

  • Provide an opportunity for inner city youth to visit with and learn about horses

  • Increase motivation to read

  • Create lifelong reading skills

  • Create an interest in the horse industry

  • Increase parental involvement

  • Create measures to document outcomes of the program 



Grace Christian offers Chess Classes where students learn to expand their memory, creativity and problem-solving skills. Students meet once a week (every Tuesday ) with our chess instructor.

Chess classes are a fun, rewarding, and engaging experience for kids to learn chess in a focused classroom setting. Our certified chess instructor will work with our students to develop their chess ability and also help them develop maturity and learn life lessons through their efforts.  

We believe that one of the keys to ensuring that students have a great time while learning and building confidence and self-esteem is having a culture that celebrates success.  Students will experience this value in all of our programs as they learn chess and life skills which will prepare them to excel in chess and life.



Our Upper School students can attend construction classes where they can learn the basic building knowledge. This is an opportunity for young adults to apply their math skills while working on construction projects.

These courses will help students learn about blueprints, carpentry, basic building skills and tools. Some more of the topics you will find in these classes are listed below:

  • Blueprint sketches

  • Construction Mathematics

  • Tools

  • Framing

  • Safety procedures


Grace Christian teams with the Savannah Hurricanes Athletic Program. The hurricanes is a team made specially for students who are homeschooled and looking for a way to be involved in an after school athletic activity. The sports offered are soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. 

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